Thursday, July 8, 2010

Windsor Castle

As the Queen just returned from a trip to Canada and America, we thought we' pop in and welcome her back home.  Imagine our surprise when her staff didn't put us on her schedule (or sheduwell)...I'm mean her standard flying was a dead give away she was home!

We arrived just after the changing of the guard but just in time to see the band pass the cafe where we were having lunch.

First stop inside the castle gates was a glimpse of the Queen and her family's apartments while in residence at Windsor...our course it was an outside glimpse with a full lawn and palace guards between us!

Next stop was St. George's Chapel.  Of course the chapel at Windsor Castle was larger than some of the abbeys we've seen in other towns! 
Unfortunately photos are not allowed inside the chapel or the castle.  So outside photos are the best I can do.

The stroll through the staterooms was a nice peek into how the other half lives.  The tour also included seeing the site where the 1992 fire began.  It is amazing how they've been able to restore the damaged rooms to almost original state.  I can still remember watching the news coverage of the fire and seeing the Queen actually showing signs of sadness...a very rare display of emotion.

Here are a few random photos from around the castle and the town of Windsor.

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