Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We spent the day in a quintessential Cotswold town. With a name like Bourton-on-the-Water, I was thinking there might be a little riverboat we could ride to see the town. Well, this pic shows how deep the water really is…more of a stream than a river.  Besides the ducks, it was mostly kids and dogs playing in the water.

While strolling around, we came across a Tombola (raffle/bingo).  For a £1, we had 4 gos at the prizes...ranging from dish detergent to bottles of liquor...I was hoping for a bottle of Pimms! If your ticket ends in a 5 or 0, you win...Daddy won a bottle of Mango Peach drink and Moma won a bottle of Cider.

Locals and tourists were hanging out along the water eating lunch, talking, painting and just relaxing.  We picked up a couple pasties and steak pie and found a seat along the water.  It was definitely a popular spot for tour groups as there were at least 10 motorcoaches in the car park when we arrived.  Here's a few pics from around town.


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