Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: A Step Back in Time

A nice respite on any visit to Miami is Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.
James Deering wanted to create a winter home that was reminiscent an Italian villa.  With Vizcaya, he definitely achieved the goal.  Walking through the rooms, it felt like Vizcaya had been in Miami for hundreds of years…you actually don’t even feel like you’re in Miami let alone the US. 

It took over a decade to complete Vizcaya.  They began building in 1910 and completed it in 1922.  Unlike most of his peers, Deering hired three little known designers to help him create his estate.  Paul Chalfin provided artistic oversight, Francis Burrall Hoffman, Jr. brought professional knowledge of architecture and Diego Suarez provided landscape architecture expertise.   Sadly, Deering was only able to enjoy the finished vision for three years as he died in 1925. 
We were not allowed to take photos inside the house but here are a few of the grounds.