Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All roads lead to Evesham

It seems all roads in the area lead to Evesham so Moma and I decided to check out Evesham.  We visited a few churches, checked out the visitor center where we had a nice chat with the lady working in there and then stopped in a few shops.  There wasn't anything overly exciting about the town...seemed to be more of a working town than Tewkesbury and other Cotswold towns we visited.

St. Mary's and St. Egwin's was one of the few Catholic churches we've seen so of course we had to go in for a look.  Their Stations of the Cross were paintings and quite lovely. 


We also visited All Saints Church and St. Lawrence Church.  There also used to be an Abbey in Evesham but when Henry VIII offered to sell it to the town for £100 the town refused and Henry sold it to another individual...he in turn sold off the stones of the church and they are now in the yards of many homes in Evesham.  As pilgrims began making their way to Evesham, the town started segregating the two churches.  All Saints was the church of the locals and St. Lawrence the Pilgrims' church.  Apparently this was done to keep the townsfolk safe from all the diseases the Pilgrims brought with them.

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