Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today we headed over to Gloucester to check out the town and their cathedral.  A few misses of Penny's directions...boy, if you're not in the right lane on a roundabout, you're in for a few loops!

Gloucester is a charming little town and the cathedral is definitely a focal point in town as you can see the steeple from almost every point in town.

Before we got to the cathedral, we came across St. Nicholas Gloucester church.  Apparently the church can't afford a new loo and are soliciting donations!  They were also having a bit of a rummage sale of books in the church as well as an art exhibit and a video on water safety...definitely a place of many uses.

There has been a house of worship on the site of the cathedral since 678 A.D.  Osric, an Anglo-Saxon prince, founded the first church and is buried in the cathedral crypt.  Also buried in the church crypt is King Edward III and Robert, Duke of Normandy (eldest son of William the Conconquer).  

The cathedral was site of the first coronation of King Henry III and also houses the coronation cross used during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  All throughout the cathedral there were all sorts of nooks and crannies with new discoveries. Gloucester Cathedral was used in the filming of many of the Harry Potter movies.

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