Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Grocery Store

There was a little market we would walk to for little things but most of our grocery shopping was done at Morrison's in Tewkesbury...Sainsbury's if we were near the one in Cheltenham.

I loved the fact most everything was sold in small quantity...something that would be great to have in the States.  Most sugar and flour was sold in 1 lb bags.  They have a lot of pre-packaged meals so all you had to do was put in the oven...easy clean up!  One of the things I really enjoyed was just walking up and down the isles seeing all the different things on the shelves.  Every time I'm in Europe, I have to stock up on McVitie's...I've yet to find them in the States.

At Morrison's, you have to leave a deposit to get a buggy (aka trolley).  Simply insert a £1 to release the trolley and when you put the chain back on the trolley when you're finished shopping, you get your £1 back.  It is nice not to have to play grocery cart frogger in the parking lot...would be a good thing for us to try in the States.

Morrison's also had a gas (aka petrol) station that usually had the best prices.  Petrol is sold by the litre and it takes approximately 4 litres to equal a gallon.  So at £1.15 per litre and an exchange rate of $1.50 per £1, petrol was $7.00 a gallon...and we complain about $2.50!

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