Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We Found Nemo at the Seattle Aquarium!

After the very active day yesterday, we decided to take it a little slower today and just visited the Seattle Aquarium.  We took the Light Rail in from our hotel and hopped on the Emerald City Trolley at Westlake and headed to the waterfront.
Seattle is a city with public art all over the city.  Here are a few of the pieces we passed on our way to the waterfront.

After lunch at the Crab Pot on the waterfront, we headed to the Seattle Aquarium. This is a great aquarium with lots of interactive stations...I touched a starfish and a couple sea anemones.  Not being too fond of weird textures, it was definitely an experience for me!
In their Life of a Drifter exhibit, jelly fish float in a circle as you walk through a giant loop.  Funny how something that looks so touchable can hurt so much.
The aquarium has a Giant Pacific Octopus and its one of the
top exhibits so getting up close and personal was a little challenging.
A face only a mother could love
When my favorite 2 1/2 year old comes to my house, we watch "Finding Nemo" so of course we had to head to the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit.  After going all through the exhibit and looking all over the reef for the little clown fish, we finally found him.  But first, here's some of the others we saw.

Dori...we're getting closer!
Finally found the little guy..Nemo!
Outside we found the Harbor Seals lounging in the sun.  We must have sat there for 30 minutes watching them.  They were probably thinking..."are you crazy humans going to sit there all day watch us do nothing?"



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