Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Judge the Blackberry!

For all you iPhone, iPad, etc snobs out there, this one is for you.  After finding my coveted glacier viewing spot at the front of the ship, I was not going to budge until we turned away and headed back through Tracy Arm Fjord.  As a result, my camera battery was starting to drain so I whipped out my little Blackberry Bold and started taking some pic so I could save my camera for the really close up shots.
All around me were other travelers with their professional looking SLR cameras, snazzy iPads and trendy case cladded iPhones.  Well when I started taking pics with my Blackberry you would have thought I had suddenly grown a second head the way people were looking at me.  I said to one of the guys next to me "don't judge the Blackberry man...not like it's a flip phone".  So those of you that think a Blackberry can't take good pics, take a look at these...

Remember this the next time you go to turn your nose up at a Blackberry user...we may be old school but we still get the job done.

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