Saturday, July 20, 2013

Juneau and Salmon Swimming Upstream

Juneau is not your typical capital city...has more of a small town feel.  Before heading out for our Salmon Bake, we walked around town.  

The local newspaper publishes (for free) the week's birthdays and the recent arrivals to town.

Main drag of Juneau

Salmon coming down to the smoke house

Love they have crossing guards on the streets

We boarded an old yellow school bus and headed to Gold Creek for a salmon bake. 

The salmon bake was just like a clam bake, low country boil, etc.  After we enjoyed some fresh caught salmon, we explored the creek and the old mine area.

The proverbial salmon swimming upstream

Gold Creek was an old mining area and there was a lot of the original equipment left in the last spot it was used.  The entrance to the old mine was still visible...and loosely blocked.



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