Thursday, July 18, 2013

Iceberg Dead Ahead!!

Prior to entering the waters of Alaska and especially the fjords, two ice pilots board all cruises to help the captain navigate the waters. So once our pilots got on board and discussed ice conditions with the captain, we were headed to Sawyer Glacier!  On our way to the glacier, we saw icebergs (fortunately nothing as big as the one that took out the Titanic), waterfalls and incredible scenery.

I managed to wiggle my way through the five deep crowd to get to the railing at the front of the boat.  Once I got there, I stayed for three hours...I think I was as cold as the glacier by the time we turned and headed back to the Inside Passage to make our way up to Skagway.

The icebergs were everywhere!  The icebergs were everywhere!  Keep in mind when looking at these pictures they were taken from the Deck 5 of a very large ship.  I can only image how big they really are! 

Some of the icebergs reminded us of the polar bear on his back and a swan...

After about an hour and a half of navigating the fjord and the ice, we made it to the glacier!  We were actually able to get closer to the glacier than they had all season which was very exciting.  While the temps were in the low 50's, the wind coming off the glacier made it feel like the upper 20's.

What a great stop...Skagway and the Yukon!

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