Monday, June 28, 2010


Shakespeare's Home and Birthplace

Would any trip to England be complete without a visit to Shakespeare's birthplace?  Absolutely off we went!

The drive here was interesting to say the least as we had to write down directions because I couldn't figure out Bry's GPS...good thing I take the "let's see where this road leads" approach to driving.  The adventure continued once we arrived in Stratford at the car park.  It was a garage with VERY narrow lanes and glad we don't have a big car but in those small quarters, I felt like I was driving a tank!

Stratford is a charming little town and bustling with locals and tourists today.  We stopped for lunch in a pub before starting to explore and struck up a conversation with some locals...the English and we Southerners have much in common...especially our willingness to talk to anyone anywhere!
One of the things we've noticed in our short time here, is just how much the English do love their flowers.  It seems everywhere you turn, there are flower beds, flower pots and hanging baskets.  Just give them a little bit of dirt and they'll have grow some pretty flowers.

After you tour Shakespeare's Birthplace, you end up in the courtyard where a few thespians perform acts from several of the Old Bard's plays.  The red head was a hoot!

Being the old telephone folks they are, I had to get a pic of Moma and Daddy in the traditional English phone booths.

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