Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Things We've Noticed

Every day we notice little things about England...here are just a few:
  • Olive oil and canned corned beef are refrigerated but eggs are not
  • Grocery buggies are called trolleys and you pay a £1 deposit to use them
  • Drivers are absolutely insane...a two lane road suddenly becomes a three lane road when someone feels the need to over take another driver
  • When an electrical outlet is not in use, you turn off the power source
  • In the grocery store, you can buy pre-packaged veggies, meats and other foods in single or two person serving sizes...what a fabulous idea!
  • Store clerks are actually friendly and helpful!
  • You "give way" instead of "yield" to another driver
  • Instead of "exit" signs, you have "way out" signs
  • Roundabouts are crazy fun
  • The English don't wash their windows...a window washer comes to your house every few weeks and washes the outside for you...and they are super friendly
  • You "mind" rather than "watch" (ie. the gap and the step)
  • Rather than continuing down the road or on your way, you "carry on"
  • They have the HUGEST flies...the house flies are like bomber flies but the funny thing is only one will come in the house at a time...guess they're territorial!
  • Things don't spoil, they "go off"...learned that term while at Westons Cider

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