Monday, November 17, 2014

Living like a Royal and having a Spa Day

After yesterday's adventurous drive from Belfast to Giant's Causeway to Glaslough, today's spa day was much needed.  Before heading to the spa for our 4 hours of treatments, we awoke to this lovely view from our room.

We took a wee little 5 minute walk from the castle to the lodge for our spa treatments.  Since July, I have been trying to detoxify my body so thought why not start my spa day with a detoxifying sea weed bath.  Well, clearly I didn't think this through thoroughly...sea weed and a bath?!  For a type A personality that can't stand weird textures, to have my therapist tell me to just hop in the giant claw foot tub full of water and sea weed and relax was seriously laughable!  Finally I succumb to the fact I had actually paid to sit in sea weed so I better suck it up and jump in.  After awhile, it wasn't that bad but must admit, I was not disappointed when she knocked on the door letting me know it was time for my facial.
Julie started her day with an Indian Head Massage followed by Reflexology.  We took a break from the strenuous spa activities for a snack of scones, cream and jam...and an ice cream is vacation after all.  It was then time to head back to the hard work of relaxation.  I had a Pleasure Pressure massage and Julie finished up her day with a Seaweed and Hot Stone massage.  Sea weed for everyone!
It was dark when we arrived last night so we didn't get to see the castle until this morning and what a lovely place it is.  Our day of relaxation was topped off with a five course dinner at the restaurant on the estate.  To our surprise, Sir Jack Leslie, owner of Castle Leslie, treated diners to a tune on the piano.  We asked our server a little about him and as it turns out we share a birthdate, however, he will be 98 on December 5.  Tomorrow we are going to explore the estate grounds and the village of Glaslough. 


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