Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A wee stroll around the estate and through the village

Today was our day to explore the grounds of Castle Leslie and the village of Glaslough.  There are over 1,000 acres that make up the estate...there are several lakes and pastures, an equestrian center, a church and tennis courts. The castle itself has 20 guest rooms, each with it's own name and décor.  In addition, there are rooms in The Lodge (children are not allowed to stay in the castle) as well as rooms in the Old Stable Mews.
Back of the Castle - our room was on the top floor with the bowed out window

Old Stable Mews
No, this is not a tree...it's a holly bush!

The Lodge

Entrance from the Village of Glaslough
After exploring the estate, we set out to explore the village and have some lunch.  Turns out we were able to explore the village in about 10 minutes and there are only 3 pubs in town that open at 4pm. 

Since it was only noon and according to the sign post, Monaghan was only 7km away, we thought it would be a nice drive so back to the castle we went to get the car.  Well, remember when I said yesterday that our GPS was a bit insane?  Today was further case in point as it took us 30 minutes to get to Monaghan AND 45 minutes to get back!  I have a theory there is a conspiracy between retailers and the makers of GPS systems to ensure they take you the most impractical route only to get you to stop in their establishments...today Penny took us by the same gas station at least three times!
We had a huge lunch in Monaghan...they were seriously concerned when we didn't opt for the three (yes 3) types of potatoes that came with the meal...on top of the carrots and cauliflower.  This was probably the 4th meal since we've been in Ireland where there were at least three types of potatoes as part of the meal.  We can completely understand now why the Potato Famine was so catastrophic. 
Oh, and remember when I said Penny takes us down roads that are seriously laughable? Well take a look at this road that is designed for two way traffic!  Nothing like barreling down the lane, going around a sharp curve and bam...there's a big ol' tractor in your face.  Thank goodness Julie has fast reactions or else there were several times it could have been ugly.  These folks definitely have nerves of steel when it comes to driving.

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