Friday, November 21, 2014

The Kells

Today's weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain so we decided it would be a good day to stay close to the cottage.  As it turned out, it was just a light misting rain so after spending some time with our fabulous host Dave, we headed to the Kells Priory...just a 3 minute drive from the cottage.
The Kells Priory was founded in 1193 by Geoffrey FitzRobert. The locals call it "Seven Castles" because the exterior is made up of medieval tower houses that enclose a little over three acres.  If we didn't know it used to be a church, we would have thought it was a fortress. 


Dave told us there was a Celtic Cross at the Kilree Monastery just up the road from the Priory that we should go see.  He also mentioned a bull in the pasture but we thought he was pulling our leg.  As you can see by the picture, he wasn't!  So not wanting to chance fate, we opted to view just the monastery from a safe distance.  Dave did say if I could run faster than Julie I would be okay...he is definitely a character!

Each day Dave comes to clean out the ashes and set the fire. We had to stop by to pick up some peat for tonight's fire (we forgot to get it yesterday...well actually Dave only told us to get starter and wood so we're going to blame it on him) so we went back to Bob's (the only shop in the village...there are two pubs so at least we know they have their priorities in order!).  When I told Bob I needed peat, he shouted "Pete" in the back of the store...Bob's another character.  Here's a few pictures of the village of Kells.

Feeling optimistic with the weather, we headed over to Waterford for lunch and a trip to the crystal factory.  The weather turns quickly here in Ireland and the wee rain of the morning turned into a heavier rain on our way to Waterford.
Clock Tower marks center of harbor

We popped in to The Granville Hotel Carvery for lunch upon arrival in town.  A carvery is basically a fancy still get a tray and go through the line but it is a smaller selection than the larger cafeterias we're used to in the States.  We had the beef and Guinness stew with a side of carrots and, yep you guessed it, a roasted potato.  It was delicious and perfect for a raining day.

After a wee bit of shopping at the Waterford Crystal Factory, we headed back to the cottage.   This morning Dave mentioned a lot of the ladies of the village were going to a cooking demonstration at the craft center and he was going to get all of fellas together for drinks at Shirley's (one of the two pubs).  He asked if we wanted to go and we said "of can we resist an evening with the men of Kells!". 

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