Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trains, Buses and Cars...Milan to Monaco

Today we make our way to the French Riviera.  What we thought would be a relatively normal day of travel turned out to be quite the adventure.  We were supposed to take the train from Milan to Genova and have a two hour layover followed by a train from Genova to Ventimiglia with one last train from Ventimiglia to Monaco.  

Well...all was good until we got on the train from Genova to Ventimiglia when not long into the journey did we realize how desperately we need to learn Italian.  The conductor came by to find out where we were going and through broken English, Italian and some charades, we figured out we had to get off the train in five stops and take the bus to Ventimiglia and then the train to Monaco.

Taking the bus allowed us to see some different parts of Italy so all was good.  Something we definitely learned is we don't want to travel by bus in Italy again...think Greyhound Bus from the '70's (Moma and I used to take the bus from the upstate of SC to Charleston when I was little).  One of the things you realize from travel is that no matter where you go in the world, some things never change...note the lady checking out facebook and she was frequently doing selfies with her child.

We finally arrived in Monaco and the view from our room was worth the journey!

The hotel picked us up at the train station and wouldn't you know our driver, Maurizio, was from Ventimiglia and gave us the scoop on the train. As it turns out, they were doing some work on the train tracks and therefore trains couldn't pass.  Maurizio set us up with dinner at Amici Miei and it was so fabulous! After dinner he picked us up and gave us a little night time tour of Monte Carlo.

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