Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Day on Lake Como

Today we took the train (or trains in our case since we missed our first train and then apparently hopped on the wrong one twenty minutes later) up to Lake Como to see Julie's friend, Amy, and her husband, Guido.  After picking us up at the train station, we headed to their lovely apartment a few minutes away for a bit of tea before getting a tour of Como.  The town is really quite charming and was busy with all sorts of weekend activity.

After touring town, we went up the mountain to one of Amy's favorite spots for lunch. The drive was quite least for Guido, Julie and me...Amy was not loving Guido's speedy driving up the windy mountain with roads that truly looked like they were just big enough for one car.  Lunch was fabulous...we had all sorts of local dishes and of course some wine.  

Alessandro Volta - the inventor of the battery
Following lunch, Guido and Amy took us on a drive around the lake.  Unfortunately it was an overcast day so we didn't get to see the true beauty of the area...oh well...another excuse to come back!  In the pictures below, just imagine...

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