Monday, November 28, 2016

A Day in Alsace

Today Katia and Carlos took us to Colmar and Riquewihr in France.  Colmar is about an hour and a half from Zurich and a lovely ride. Carlos' GPS made us laugh as it would say "stay on this road for a long time".  We concluded that anything over 10km was considered "a long time".

We were pleasantly surprised to discover we arrived on the first weekend of Colmar's Christmas market as the smaller villages usually start their markets later in December. The town was so charming decorated for the holiday season.

I've had my camera for years and never tried out the "magic" feature.  Turns out it is pretty cool.  Picture on the left is the original and picture on the right is with "magic".

For anyone that has spent any time in France, you know the French have a very "unique" perception of themselves and their importance in the world.  We went into three different restaurants to have lunch and were told by all three "nous sommes complets" which politely translates to "we are booked".  But the three different people we encountered all had a sense of disdain for us and shooed us away.  Eventually we did find a spot that welcomed us and was very tasty...goat cheese burger was fabulous!

The sign for Europe just made me laugh as it is typical French

Next stop for the day was the medieval town of  Riquewihr.  We knew something was going on when more than a mile from the town cars were parked all along the road.  As it turns out, they too had opened their Christmas market...and there were about 15 tour buses we later discovered parked as we were leaving town.

The Alsace region is noted for it's Riesling wines...Riquewihr in particular.
Peraphs the next Riesling I drink will be from these vines.

Another fabulous day of vacation with even more fabulous company!  Looking forward to tomorrow's adventures in  Luzern.

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