Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Haarlem to Versailles

With Julie's course complete, the holiday officially begins. Today we leave Haarlem and head to Versailles for two days.

Our train ride was quite nice and very comfortable...definitely worth the extra euro to go first class!  We had free wi-fi and were in a quiet train (no loud talking or cell phones allowed...wahoo!).  The food car was closed "due to circumstances beyond our control" so we received a complimentary snack lunch.  It was quite tasty and included a nice apology note apologizing for the inconvenience.

The Gard du Nord train station in Paris was wild!  We found a nice lady in the train info booth that was so very friendly and helped us find our way to the regional train to take us to Versailles and off we went.  Upon arrival at the Versailles train station, we immediately noticed a Starbucks and McDonald's...just what one would expect.  Note to those arriving at the train station looking for a taxi, walk out the station and go to your left down half a block (don't be confused by the long line of cars to your right).

After getting settled in at the Waldorf Trianon Palace, we set out to explore the town of Versailles and have dinner. We ended up at at a delightful crepe restaurant down the Rue des Deux-Portes.
Savory crepe of chicken, white asparagus
and goat cheese...can it get any better?

Why yes it can...sweet crepe of
coffee ice cream, creme fraiche
and dark chocolate syrup

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