Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sacre Coeur et Moulin Rouge

Today we headed to the Montmartre section of Paris to see Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge.  The road leading from the metro stop to the cathedral was full of low-end touristy shops but we finally arrived at the foot of the church and it was even more spectacular than in pictures!

Once you get to the foot of the church, you have two options for reaching the entrance.  You can up the stairs or you can take the funicular.  The funicular is the cost of a metro ticket but if you have the Passe Navigo, it is covered.

We arrived in the middle of the daily mass so I took a pew for the last 20 minutes of the service.  They have a very strict no-photos rule for the church which is such a shame as it is quite lovely inside.  Above the alter is a spectacular mosaic ceiling...I so wanted to sneak a photo but settled for a postcard instead.

From the church, you can see all of Paris.

There is a little tram that makes a trip around Montmartre offering commentary in French and English.  We thought this would be a great way to see the area as I was pretty limited with walking.  Also if you take the Pigalle metro stop, you can catch the tram to the top of the hill.

After our little tour, we headed back down in the funicular and made our way to the Moulin Rouge.  I must admit, I was a little surprised it was so small...almost unnoticeable.  For the most famous cabaret in the world, I was expecting something a little more grand.

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