Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lisa & Scott's Visit to Charleston - Day 1

We headed downtown to have an early brunch at Poogan's Porch. My friends had their first taste of Southern biscuits and banana pecan pancakes and loved them. After brunch we headed over to Liberty Park to take the 12:00 boat over to Fort Sumter. You can just imagine the pride my Yankee friends took in reminding me their entire trip that the pride of Charleston was built on Yankee soil and of New Hampshire granite...ugh.

Next stop...Angel Oak on John's Island. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed it under the 1,400 year old tree. My friend was in awe as the square footage of the tree (17,000) was the size of his lot! There is a lady selling sweet grass baskets out here but I found her prices to be extremely high - $395 for a basket that we could buy at Boone Hall for only $150 (and much better quality than the Angel Oak basket). If you're heading out to Kiawah, do stop by as it is a sight to see.

The River Course at Kiawah Island was hosting their first annual Blues By the Sea so we headed out there to enjoy a little music as the sun was setting. Unfortunately for my friends, they picked the most humid time to visit (granted it was hot but the humidity was extremely high) so we only stayed out there for a couple hours and then headed home to cool off in the sense giving them heat exhaustion their first day.

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