Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Adventures in Egypt - Day 4 Aswan

After an almost 12 hour train ride, we finally arrived in Aswan.  We were greeted by our new guide (Sharif) and I immediately knew I would be missing Amr for the next few days as this guy did not make a good first impression.

We hopped on our mini-coach and headed to Aswan High Dam.  It's a dam...'bout all you can say about it. 

This is the monument to the Russians for their assistance with funding the dam.

The afternoon was spent at the Temple of Philae and it began with my first boat ride on the Nile.  The captains play a game of bumper boats when approached the dock at the Temple and we actually thought we might end up in the Nile.

When we arrived back in Aswan at the dock,
it was the attack of the Nubian salesmen.

Finally after a very long 24 hours, we arrived at our hotel. After getting settled in and having some dinner Sharif took us to a local souk where we did some major bargaining and had fresh sugar cane juice...definitely brought a pucker to the lips as it was so very sweet.

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